• The Espresso Martini was first created in the year (you guessed it) 1983, in the Soho neighborhood of London, by legendary barman Dick Bradsell. So, it only seemed fitting. Cheers to Dick, and cheers to 1983!

  • 15% Alc/vol. 1983 is a full-strength cocktail made with organic vodka and premium Irish cream liqueur.

  • 1983 is made exactly how you would expect your creamy espresso martini to be made in a classy little cocktail bar. Espresso, vodka, cream liqueur, and a little sugar. You'll find our ingredients proudly and loudly listed on the side of every can.

  • What a coincidence! We just so happen to have the two vibey-est playlists known to man ready to go right here:

    1983 Chill Tracks

    Effortlessly cool tracks to keep the vibe and your drinks chillin. This is THE playlist. It's your turn to be "that friend" with the best taste in tunes. 

    1983 High Vibrations

    Hot tracks & cold drinks. The party starts when you turn up these tunes, and pass out the 1983s. 

  • Hardpops is our big sis. 1983 was created by the same two gals with exquisite taste who created Hardpops.

  • Heck no! She's made with a splash of silky smooth and oh-so-creamy Irish cream. Sorry if that's not your jam.

    Want to vote for an oat-based 1983? We're open to it... Send us an email 1983@hardpops.com

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  • Lot's of cool stuff. All second to the birth of espresso martinis, but for education sake, fill your brain with these fun facts:

    • The Internet takes another step towards its creation as ARPANET is moved to TCP/IP.
    • Original production of musical Annie plays its final show on Broadway after 2,377 shows, making it the third-longest running musical of the ’70s.
    • Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) is launched, resulting in some unexpected discoveries.
    • The Seikan Tunnel first connects the North Island of Honshu and South Island of Hokkaido in Japan.
    • Men at Work’s single Down Under tops the UK chart.
    • Chuck Hull invents 3D printing, though the patent won’t be filed until 1984.
    • Liverpool beat Manchester United to win their third title and the Football League Cup.
    • Monty Python’s Meaning of Life is released in the United States.
    • David Copperfield astounds a studio audience as he makes the Statue of Liberty disappear.
    • Corbiere wins the Grand National jockeyed by Ben de Haan and trained by Jenny Pitman.
    • Alice Walker is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her novel The Color Purple.
    • Great Britain introduces the pound coin as phasing out of £1 bank notes begins.
    • Unmanned spacecraft Pioneer 10 crosses the orbit of Pluto, making it the first craft to go beyond our Solar system.
    • Sunny’s Halo wins the Kentucky Derby.
    • August Hoffman Jr. sets the world record for consecutive sit-ups.
    • Aberdeen win their first European trophy beating Real Madrid 2-1 taking the European Cup.
    • Two independently researched scientific papers are published with proof that AIDS is caused by retrovirus HIV.
    • David Bowie’s single Let’s Dance hits top spot in the United States Billboard chart.
    • Return of the Jedi is released for the first time and becomes the highest grossing film of 1983.
    • Manchester United beat Brighton at Wembley to take the FA Cup.
    • Blackadder is first shown in the UK on BBC 1.
    • Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to launch into space.
    • Ten years after their last performance, the Everly brothers perform in Albert Hall.
    • United States athlete, Calvin Smith shaves 0.02 seconds off the world 100m record set in 1968.
    • American schoolgirl and peace advocate, Samantha Smith visits the Soviet Union.
    • Arcade game Mario Bros. is released in Japan.
    • Australian aviator, Dick Smith sets the world record for being the first person ever to fly solo around the world in a helicopter.
    • A baboon embryo is successfully ‘conceived’ in a laboratory dish in San Antonio, Texas.
    • Soviet shuttle mission Soyuz T-9 is launched.
    • Scott Michael Pellaton from California sets the world record for speed while barefoot water-skiing.
    • Terms of Endearment starring Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine, premieres in New York.
    • The Day After, an American film depicting what would happen if nuclear war broke out, is first aired on TV.
    • Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller is aired on MTV for the first time.
    • At Harefield hospital in England the first full heart and lung transplant is successfully carried out.
    • The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to Lord of the Flies author, William Golding.